Here you can find guides how to install or run older UNIX versions in simh.

Also the UNIX Programmer's manual of V1-V6. V1-V6 are available as nroff output converted to html. V4-V6 are also available as troff'ed PDFs.

The V1, V2 and V5 manual t?roff sources were reconstructed.

In V2 nroff (I) is missing.

The V5 manual was reconstructed from a scan and V4 and V6 *roff sources. Unfortunately the pages of glob, mkfs, mknod, reloc, restor, sa, and su in section VIII are missing from the scan. I reconstructed them to what I think they would have looked like.

Generally some pages don't look quite right and the output is not 100% identical to the original, sorry for that.