11/3/71                                         /ETC/SUFTAB (VII)

NAME            suftab  --  suffix table

SYNOPSIS        --

DESCRIPTION     suftab is a table of suffixes used to guide hy-

                phenation in roff.  Its first 12 words are not

                used (see a.out format.)  Its next 26 words point

                to the beginning of the subtables for each of the

                26 initial letters of a suffix.  The first entry

                for each suffix is a count of the number of bytes

                in the suffix.  The second byte of each entry is

                a flag indicating the type of suffix.  The suffix

                itself follows; the high bits of each letter in-

                dicate where the hyphens come.  The table for

                each initial suffix letter ends with a zero count


FILES           --

SEE ALSO        roff


BUGS            --

OWNER           jfo, dmr, ken