UNIX Fifth Edition

There is no distribution tape for v5. You can download and run the RK05 image directly, get it from TUHS and gunzip it. I renamed my file to disk0.rk.

You can view the manual pages here.

Create a boot.ini:

set cpu 11/45
att rk0 disk0.rk
d sr 1
b rk0

And boot it (the kernel is aptly named unix):

% pdp11 boot.ini 

PDP-11 simulator V3.9-0
Disabling XQ
mem = 64537

;login: root

To halt, type sync a couple of times and stop the emulation with ^E:

# sync
# sync
# sync
Simulation stopped, PC: 001726 (MOV (SP)+,177776)

That's all for now, maybe I'll add some more information later.