11/3/71                                                PASSWD (V)

NAME            passwd  --  password file

SYNOPSIS        --

DESCRIPTION     passwd contains for each user the following in-


                   name (login name)


                   numerical user ID

                   default working directory

                   program to use as Shell

                This is an ASCII file.  Each field within each

                user's entry is separated from the next by a

                colon.  Each user is separated from the next by a

                new-line.  If the password field is null, no

                password is demanded; if the Shell field is null,

                the Shell itself is used.

                This file, naturally, is inaccessible to anyone

                but the super-user.

                This file resides in directory /etc.

FILES           --

SEE ALSO        /etc/init


BUGS            --

OWNER           super-user