LP(IV)                       5/27/74                       LP(IV)


     lp - line printer


     Lp provides the interface to any of the  standard  DEC  line

     printers.  When it is opened or closed, a suitable number of

     page ejects is generated.  Bytes written are printed.

     An internal parameter within the driver  determines  whether

     or not the device is treated as having a 96- or 64-character

     set.  In half-ASCII mode, lower case letters are turned into

     upper  case  and certain characters are escaped according to

     the following table:

          {     (

          }     )

          `     '

          |     !

          ~     ^

     The   driver   correctly   interprets   carriage    returns,

     backspaces,  tabs,  and  form feeds.  A sequence of newlines

     which extends over the end of a page is turned into  a  form

     feed.   All  lines  are indented 8 characters.  Lines longer

     than  80  characters  are  truncated.   These  numbers   are

     parameters in the driver; another parameter allows indenting

     all printout if it is unpleasantly near the left margin.




     lpr (I)


     Half-ASCII mode, the indent  and  the  maximum  line  length

     should be settable by a call analogous to stty (II).