6/12/72                           PUTC, PUTW, FCREAT, FLUSH (III)

NAME            putc, putw, fcreat, flush  --  buffered output

SYNOPSIS        mov     $filename,r0

                jsr     r5,fcreat; iobuf

                (get byte in r0)

                jsr     r5,putc; iobuf

                (get word in r0)

                jsr     r5,putw; iobuf

                jsr     r5,flush; iobuf

DESCRIPTION     fcreat creates the given file (mode 17) and sets

                up the buffer iobuf (size 518(10) bytes); putc

                and putw write a byte or word respectively onto

                the file; flush forces the contents of the buffer

                to be written, but does not close the file.  The

                format of the buffer is:

                iobuf:  .=.+2           / file descriptor

                        .=.+2           / characters unused in buffer

                        .=.+2           / ptr to next free character

                        .=.+512.        / buffer

                fcreat sets the error bit (c-bit) if the file

                creation failed; none of the other routines re-

                turn error information.

                Before terminating, a program should call flush

                to force out the last of the output.

                The user must supply iobuf, which should begin on

                a word boundary.

FILES           kept in /usr/lib/liba.a

SEE ALSO        creat(II), write(II), getc(III)

DIAGNOSTICS     error bit possible on fcreat call

BUGS            --

OWNER           dmr