6/15/72                                                GLOB (VII)

NAME            glob  --  generate command arguments

SYNOPSIS        --

DESCRIPTION     glob is used to expand arguments to the shell

                containing "*", '[', or "?".  It is passed the

                argument list containing the metacharacters; glob

                expands the list and calls the command itself.

FILES           found in /etc/glob

SEE ALSO        sh(I)

DIAGNOSTICS     "No match", "No command", "No directory"

BUGS            If any of '*', '[', or '?' occurs both quoted and

                unquoted in the original command line, even the

                quoted metacharacters are expanded.

                glob gives the "No match" diagnostic only if no

                arguments at all result.  This is never the case

                if there is any argument without a metacharacter.

OWNER           dmr