DN (IV)                      3/15/72                      DN (IV)

NAME            dn -- dn-11 ACU interface

DESCRIPTION     dn? is a write-only file.  Bytes written on dn?

                must be ASCII as follows:

                   0-9  dial 0-9

                    :   dial *

                    ;   dial #

                    =   end-of-number

                The entire telephone number must be presented in

                a single write system call.

                It is recommended that an end-of-number code be

                given even though only one of the ACU's (113C)

                actually requires it.

FILES           /dev/dn0        connected to 801 with dp0

                /dev/dn1        connected to 113C with ttyd

                /dev/dn2        not currently connected

SEE ALSO        dp(IV), dc(IV), write(II)

BUGS            --