TC (IV)                      3/15/72                      TC (IV)

NAME            tc -- TC-11/TU56 DECtape

DESCRIPTION     The files tap0 ... tap7 refer to the TC-11/TU56

                DECtape drives 0 to 7.  Since the logical drive

                number can be manually set, all eight files exist

                even though at present there are fewer physical


                The 256-word blocks on a standard DECtape are

                numbered 0 to 577.  However, the system makes no

                assumption about this number; a block can be read

                or written if it exists on the tape and not oth-

                erwise.  An error is returned if a transaction is

                attempted for a block which does not exist.

                Addressing on the tape files, like that on the RK

                and RF disks, is block-oriented.

FILES           /dev/tap?

SEE ALSO        rf(IV), tap(I)

BUGS            see rf(IV)