BC (VI)                      6/12/72                      BC (VI)

NAME            bc -- B interpreter

SYNOPSIS        bc [ -c ] sfile .b ... ofile  ...
                               1            1

DESCRIPTION     bc is the UNIX B interpreter.  It accepts three

                types of arguments:

                Arguments whose names end with ".b" are assumed

                to be B source programs; they are compiled, and

                the object program is left on the file sfile .o
                (i.e.  the file whose name is that of the source

                with ".o" substituted for ".b").

                Other arguments (except for "-c") are assumed to

                be either loader flag arguments, or B-compatible

                object programs, typically produced by an earlier

                bc run, or perhaps libraries of B-compatible rou-

                tines.  These programs, together with the results

                of any compilations specified, are loaded (in the

                order given) to produce an executable program

                with name a.out.

                The "-c" argument suppresses the loading phase,

                as does any syntax error in any of the routines

                being compiled.

                The language itself is described in [1].

                The future of B is uncertain.  The language has

                been totally eclipsed by the newer, more power-

                ful, more compact, and faster language C.

FILES           file.b                  input file

                a.out                   loaded output

                b.tmp1                  temporary (deleted)

                b.tmp2                  temporary (deleted)

                /usr/lang/bdir/b[ca]    translator

                /usr/lang/bdir/brt[12]  runtime initialization

                /usr/lib/libb.a         builtin functions, etc.

                /usr/lang/bdir/bilib.a  interpreter library

SEE ALSO        [1] K. Thompson; MM-72-1271-1; Users' Reference

                to B.


DIAGNOSTICS     see [1].

BUGS            Certain external initializations are illegal.

                (In particular: strings and addresses of exter-