YACC (VI)                    1/20/73                    YACC (VI)

NAME            yacc -- yet another compiler compiler

SYNOPSIS        /crp/scj/yacc  [ <grammar ]

DESCRIPTION     Yacc converts a context-free grammar into a set

                of tables for a simple automaton which executes

                an LR(1) parsing algorithm.  The tables are pro-

                vided in readable form on the standard output and

                in b-compiler format on file actn.b; the program

                /crp/scj/bpar.b will parse strings using the

                actn.b file.

                If your grammar is too big for yacc, you may try

                /crp/scj/bigyacc, some of whose size limits are

                larger, and others smaller.

FILES           actn.b          output tables

                actn.tmp        temporary storage

                Note that these files are created in the

                invoker's directory.  The file actn.tmp is only

                created by /crp/scj/bigyacc (see above).

SEE ALSO        Yacc manual, by scj (available from ek); "LR

                Parsing", by A. V. Aho and S. C. Johnson, to be


DIAGNOSTICS     There are various diagnostics, but only one can

                be obtained in each run.

BUGS            The maximum number of terminal and non-terminal

                symbols is 50 each, and this is not checked.

                There are undoubtedly other bugs too.