LDIV(III)                    5/7/73                     LDIV(III)


     ldiv - long division


     ldiv(hidividend, lodividend, divisor)

     lrem(hidividend, lodividend, divisor)


     The concatenation of the signed 16-bit  hidividend  and  the

     unsigned  16-bit  lodividend is divided by divisor.  The 16-

     bit signed quotient is  returned  by  ldiv  and  the  16-bit

     signed  remainder  is  returned  by  lrem.  Divide check and

     erroneous results will occur unless  the  magnitude  of  the

     divisor is greater than that of the high-order dividend.

     An integer division of an  unsigned  dividend  by  a  signed

     divisor may be accomplished by

             quo = ldiv(0, dividend, divisor);

     and similarly for the remainder operation.

     Often both  the  quotient  and  the  remainder  are  wanted.

     Therefore  ldiv  leaves  a  remainder  in  the external cell



     No divide check check.