NICE(II)                     8/5/73                      NICE(II)


     nice - set program priority


     (nice = 34.)

     (priority in r0)

     sys nice



     The scheduling priority of the process  is  changed  to  the

     argument.  Positive priorities get less service than normal;

     0 is default.  Only the super-user may  specify  a  negative

     priority.   The  valid range of priority is 20 to -220.  The

     value of 4 is recommended  to  users  who  wish  to  execute

     long-running programs without flak from the administration.

     The effect of this call is passed to a child process by  the

     fork  system  call.   The effect can be cancelled by another

     call to nice with a priority of 0.

     The actual running priority of a  process  is  the  priority

     argument plus a number that ranges from 100 to 119 depending

     on the cpu usage of the process.


     nice (I)


     The error bit (c-bit) is set if the user requests a priority

     outside the range of 0 to 20 and is not the super-user.