MOUNT(VIII)                 10/31/73                  MOUNT(VIII)


     mount - mount file system


     /etc/mount special file [ -r ]


     Mount announces to the system that a removable  file  system

     is  present  on  the  device  corresponding  to special file

     special (which must refer to a disk  or  possibly  DECtape).

     The file must exist already; it becomes the name of the root

     of the newly mounted file system.

     Mount maintains a  table  of  mounted  devices;  if  invoked

     without an argument it prints the table.

     The optional last argument indicates that the file is to  be

     mounted  read-only.  Physically write-protected and magnetic

     tape file systems must be mounted in this way or errors will

     occur  when  access  times  are  updated, whether or not any

     explicit write is attempted.


     mount (II), mtab (V), umount (VIII)


     Mounting file systems full of garbage will crash the system.