3/15/72                                                  PTX (VI)

NAME            ptx --  permuted index

SYNOPSIS        ptx1 input temp1

                sort temp1 temp2

                ptx2 temp2 output

DESCRIPTION     ptx generates a permuted index from file input on

                file output.  It has three phases: the first does

                the permutation, generating one line for each

                keyword in an input line.  The keyword is rotated

                to the front.  The permuted file must then be

                sorted.  ptx2 then rotates each line around the

                middle of the page.

                input should be edited to remove useless lines.

                The following words are suppressed:  "a", "and",

                "as", "is", "for", "of", "on", "or", "the", "to",


                The index for this manual was generated using


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SEE ALSO        sort


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