3/28/72                                                  TMG (VI)

NAME            tmg -- compiler compiler

SYNOPSIS        tmg name

DESCRIPTION     tmg produces a translator for the language whose

                parsing and translation rules are described in

                file name.t.  The new translator appears in a.out

                and may be used thus:

                             a.out input [ output ]

                Except in rare cases input must be a randomly ad-

                dressable file.  If no output file is specified,

                the standard output file is assumed.

                The tmg language is described in (Reference).

FILES           /etc/tmg -- the compiler-compiler

                /etc/tmga,/etc/tmgb,/etc/tmgc -- libraries

                /etc/tmg0.s -- global definitions

SEE ALSO        --

DIAGNOSTICS     ??? -- illegal input, offending line follows

                fatal error codes, appear in tmg and a.out:

                ad -- address out of bounds

                so -- stack overflow

                ga -- address out of bounds  while generating

                ko -- too much parse without output

                to -- symbol table overflow

                gn -- getnam on symbol not in table

                co -- character string overflow

BUGS            --

OWNER           doug