AZEL(VI)                     5/27/74                     AZEL(VI)


     apl - APL interpreter




     Apl is an interpreter for the language APL described in  the

     reference.   The interpreter maintains its workspace on disk

     rather than in core.  This has two  consequences:  there  is

     the  potential  of a million byte workspace; it takes a week

     to access that much data.

     Not Implemented (never)

       1.  Lamination (except for scalar,scalar)

       2.  0 div 0 is a domain error.

       3.  0 mod x is a domain error.

       4.  No function definition - use `)edit  fname'  to  enter

          the  system  editor;  type  ``w''  when done editing to

          write the function out in a place where apl can pick it

          up.  Type ``w file'' to save it.

       5.  Indexing  is  off  in  character  vectors   containing


     Under Implementation (later)

       1.  Negative  numbers  raised  to  fractional  powers  are

          handled incorrectly.

       2.  No trace or SI.

       3.  Incomplete set of I-beams and system calls.

     Over Implemented (over zealous)

       1.  Ravel[i] - obvious extension of cat.

       2.  Grade up and grade down extend to matrices.

       3.  Arbitrary overstriking is allowed in characters.


     /usr/lib/apl/*  programs

     alloc.d workspace

     apl_ed  editor intermediate


     IBM GH20-0906-1 ``APL User's Manual''

     /usr/pub/apl ASCII APL character set