SFS(VI)                      6/25/73                      SFS(VI)


     sfs - structured file scanner


     sfs filename [ - ]


     Sfs  provides  an  interactive  program  for  scanning   and

     pactching  a  structured  file.  If  the  second argument is

     supplied, the file is block addressed.

     Some features of sfs include.

       1.  It provides interactive and preprogrammed operation.

       2.  It provides expression evaluation (32  bit  precision)

          and branching.

       3.  It provides the ability  to  define  a  large  set  of

          hierarchical structure definitions.

       4.  It provides the ability to locate,  to  dump,  and  to

          patch  specific  instances  of  structure  in the file.

          Furthermore, in  the  dump  and  patch  operations  the

          external form of the structure is selected by the user.

       5.  It provides the ability to escape to the UNIX  command

          level to allow the use of other UNIX debugging aids.


     ``SFS reference manual'' (internal memorandum)