PLOG(VI)                     5/1/74                      PLOG(VI)


     plog - make a graph on the gsi terminal


     plog [ option ] ...


     Plog is almost the same as  plog  (q.v.)  but  the  plot  is

     written  on  the standard output using the control sequences

     for the GSI terminal.  The following changes have been made:

     -  The default for grid is no grid at all.

     -  The `a' option can be  followed  by  two  arguments;  the

       second is the starting point for automatic abscissas.

     -  There is a new option `h' which must  be  followed  by  a

       numerical  argument:  it  specifies the height desired for

       the plot.

     -  There is a new option `w' similar to `h', except that the

       width  is  specified.  If only on of `h' and `w' is given,

       the plot is made square of the indicated size.  If neither

       is given, the plot is made six inches square.

     -  There is a new option `r' to  be  followed  by  a  number

       which loates the plot that many inches to the right on the



       plot (VI)


       Same as plot (VI). Drawing lines is not yet  done  exactly

       right.  If you store the output in a file, before printing

       with cat you must turn off delays and turn off CR-NL  echo

       (e.g. ``stty -delay nl'');