WUMP(VI)                    11/25/73                     WUMP(VI)


     wump - the game of hunt-the-wumpus




     Wump plays the game of ``Hunt the Wumpus.''  A Wumpus  is  a

     creature  that  lives in a cave with several rooms connected

     by tunnels.  You wander among the rooms, trying to shoot the

     Wumpus  with an arrow, meanwhile avoiding being eaten by the

     Wumpus and falling into Bottomless  Pits.   There  are  also

     Super  Bats  which are likely to pick you up and drop you in

     some random room.

     The program asks various questions which you answer one  per

     line; it will give a more detailed description if you want.

     This program is based on one described in People's  Computer

     Company, 2, 2 (November 1973).


     It will never replace Space War.