3/15/72                                                CHOWN (II)

NAME            chown  --  change owner of file

SYNOPSIS        sys chown; name; owner  / chown = 16.

DESCRIPTION     The file whose name is given by the null-

                terminated string pointed to by name has its own-

                er changed to owner.  Only the present owner of a

                file (or the super-user) may donate the file to

                another user.  Also, one may not change the owner

                of a file with the set-user-ID bit on, otherwise

                one could create Trojan Horses able to misuse

                other's files.

FILES           --

SEE ALSO        chown(I), uids(V)

DIAGNOSTICS     The error bit (c-bit) is set on illegal owner


BUGS            --

OWNER           ken, dmr