3/15/72                                                   DP (IV)

NAME            dp0 -- dp-11 201 data-phone interface

SYNOPSIS        --

DESCRIPTION     dp0 is a 201 data-phone interface file.  read and

                write calls to dp0 are limited to a maximum of

                400 bytes.  Each write call is sent as a single

                record.  Seven bits from each byte are written

                along with an eighth odd parity bit.  The sync

                must be user supplied.  Each read call returns

                characters received from a single record.  Seven

                bits are returned unaltered; the eighth bit is

                set if the byte was not received in odd parity.

                A 20 second time out is set and a zero byte

                record is returned if nothing is received in that


FILES           found in /dev

SEE ALSO        dn0(IV), gerts(III)


BUGS            The dp file is GECOS oriented.  It should be more


OWNER           ken, dmr