6/12/72                                                  LPR (IV)

NAME            /dev/lpr -- line printer

SYNOPSIS        --

DESCRIPTION     The line printer special file is the UNIX inter-

                face to a DEC LP-11 line printer.  This file may

                only be opened (or creat'ed) for writing.  Any-

                thing written on this file is printed on the line

                printer.  The following special cases for the

                printer are handled:

                   On opening and on closing, the paper is slewed

                   to the top of the next page.

                   For the 64 character printer (LP11-FA), all

                   lower case letters are converted to upper


                   Tabs are converted to align on every eighth


                   New lines and form feeds are ignored when the

                   printer is at the top of a page.  This is done

                   so that pr and roff output may be directed to

                   the printer and sync on page boundaries even

                   with automatic page slew.

                   Carriage return and back space can cause mul-

                   tiple printing on a single line to allow for

                   overstruck graphics.

FILES           found in /dev

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OWNER           ken, dmr