3/15/72                                                  TTY (IV)

NAME            tty -- console typewriter

SYNOPSIS        --

DESCRIPTION     tty (as distinct from tty0, ..., ttyn) refers to

                the console typewriter hard-wired to the PDP-11.

                Generally, the disciplines involved in dealing

                with tty are similar to those for tty0 ... and

                the appropriate section should be consulted.  The

                following differences are salient:

                The system calls stty and gtty do not apply to

                this device.  It cannot be placed in raw mode; on

                input, upper case letters are always mapped into

                lower case letters; a carriage return is echoed

                when a line-feed is typed.

                The quit character is not FS (as with tty0...)

                but is generated by the key labelled "alt mode."

                By appropriate console switch settings, it is

                possible to cause UNIX to come up as a single-

                user system with I/O on this device.

FILES           found in /dev

SEE ALSO        tty0(IV), init(VII)


BUGS            --

OWNER           ken, dmr