6/12/72                                                  TM0 (IV)

NAME            mt0 -- magtape

SYNOPSIS        --

DESCRIPTION     mt0 is the DEC TU10/TM11 magtape.  When opened

                for reading or writing, the magtape is rewound.

                A tape consists of a series of 256 word records

                terminated by an end-of-file.  Reading less than

                256 words (512 bytes) causes the rest of a record

                to be ignored.  Writing less than a record causes

                null padding to 512 bytes.  When the magtape is

                closed after writing, an end-of-file is written.

                Seek has no effect on the magtape.  The magtape

                can only be opened once at any instant.

FILES           found in /dev

SEE ALSO        mt(I)


BUGS            Seek should work on the magtape.  Also, a provi-

                sion of having the tape open for reading and

                writing should exist.  A multi-file and multi-

                reel facility should be incorporated.

OWNER           ken, dmr