ARCHIVE(V)                   9/10/73                   ARCHIVE(V)


     ar - archive (library) file format


     The archive command ar is used to combine several files into

     one.   Archives  are used mainly as libraries to be searched

     by the link-editor ld.

     A file produced by ar has  a  magic  number  at  the  start,

     followed  by  the constituent files, each preceded by a file

     header.  The magic number is 177555(8) (it was chosen to  be

     unlikely  to  occur anywhere else).  The header of each file

     is 16 bytes long:

          0-7      file name, null padded on the right

          8-11     modification time of the file

          12       user ID of file owner

          13       file mode

          14-15    file size

     If the file is an odd number of bytes  long,  it  is  padded

     with a null byte, but the size in the header is correct.

     Notice there is no provision for empty areas in  an  archive



     ar, ld (I)


     Names are only 8 characters, not 14.  More important,  there

     isn't  enough  room  to  store the proper mode, so ar always

     extracts in mode 666.