PASSWD(V)                    9/10/73                    PASSWD(V)


     passwd - password file


     Passwd contains for each user the following information:

          name (login name, contains no upper case)

          encrypted password

          numerical user ID

          numerical group ID (for now, always 1)

          GCOS job number and box number

          initial working directory

          program to use as Shell

     This is an ASCII file.  Each field within each user's  entry

     is  separated  from  the  next  by a colon.  The job and box

     numbers are separated by a comma.  Each  user  is  separated

     from the next by a new-line.  If the password field is null,

     no password is demanded; if the Shell  field  is  null,  the

     Shell itself is used.

     This  file  resides  in  directory  /etc.   Because  of  the

     encrypted  passwords,  it  can  and  does  have general read

     permission and can be used, for example,  to  map  numerical

     user ID's to names.


     login (I), crypt (III), passwd (I)