TTYS(V)                      2/20/74                      TTYS(V)


     ttys - typewriter initialization data


     The ttys file is read by  the  init  program  and  specifies

     which typewriter special files are to have a process created

     for them which will allow people to log in.  It consists  of

     lines of 3 characters each.

     The first character is either `0' or `1'; the former  causes

     the  line  to  be  ignored,  the  latter  causes  it  to  be

     effective.  The second character is the  last  character  in

     the  name  of  a  typewriter;  e.g.  x  refers  to  the file

     `/dev/ttyx'.  The third character is the offset in  a  table

     contained  in  init  which selects an initialization program

     for the line; currently it must be `0'  and  the  only  such

     program is /etc/getty.


     found in /etc


     init (VIII)