MOUNT (II)                   3/15/72                   MOUNT (II)

NAME            mount  --  mount file system

SYNOPSIS        sys  mount; special; name  / mount = 21.

DESCRIPTION     mount announces to the system that a removable

                file system has been mounted on special file spe-

                cial; from now on, references to file name will

                refer to the root file on the newly mounted file

                system.  Special and name are pointers to null-

                terminated strings containing the appropriate

                path names.

                Name must exist already.  If it had contents,

                they are inaccessible while the file system is


SEE ALSO        mount(I), umount(II)

DIAGNOSTICS     Error bit (c-bit) set if: special is inaccessi-

                ble; name does not exist; special is already

                mounted; name is not on the RF; there are already

                four special files mounted.

BUGS            At most four removable devices can be mounted at

                a time.  This call should be restricted to the