SEEK (II)                    3/15/72                    SEEK (II)

NAME            seek  --  move read/write pointer

SYNOPSIS        (file descriptor in r0)

                sys seek; offset; ptrname  / seek = 19.

DESCRIPTION     The file descriptor refers to a file open for

                reading or writing.  The read (resp. write)

                pointer for the file is set as follows:

                   if ptrname is 0, the pointer is set to offset.

                   if ptrname is 1, the pointer is set to its

                   current location plus offset.

                   if ptrname is 2, the pointer is set to the

                   size of the file plus offset.

SEE ALSO        --

DIAGNOSTICS     The error bit (c-bit) is set for an undefined

                file descriptor.

BUGS            A file can conceptually be as large as 2**20

                bytes.  Clearly only 2**16 bytes can be addressed

                by seek.  The problem is most acute on the large

                special files.