TIMES(II)                    2/10/73                    TIMES(II)

NAME            times -- get process times

SYNOPSIS        sys  times; buffer  / times = 43.; not in assembler


        buffer: .=.+[24.*3]

DESCRIPTION     times returns time-accounting information for the

                system as a whole, for the current process, and

                for the terminated child processes of the current

                process.  All the times are 2-word (32-bit) num-

                bers, and the unit of measurement is 1/60 second.

                After the call, the buffer will appear as fol-




                        .=.+4           / absolute time

                        .=.+4           / total system time

                        .=.+4           / total swap time

                        .=.+4           / other I/O wait time

                        .=.+4           / idle time

                        .=.+4           / total user time


                        .=.+4           / (ignore)

                        .=.+4           / time in system

                        .=.+4           / (ignore)

                        .=.+4           / I/O wait time

                        .=.+4           / (ignore)

                        .=.+4           / processor time



                The format of the "child" times is the same as

                that for the process times; the numbers are the

                sum of the times for all terminated direct or in-

                direct descendants of the current process.

                The "absolute" time returned is the same as that

                given by time(II).  The "total system times" are

                times since the last cold boot.

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SEE ALSO        time(II), time(I)


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