WRITE (II)                   3/15/72                   WRITE (II)

NAME            write  --  write on file

SYNOPSIS        (file descriptor in r0)

                sys write; buffer; nbytes  / write = 4.

                (number written in r0)

DESCRIPTION     A file descriptor is a word returned from a suc-

                cessful open or creat call.

                buffer is the address of nbytes contiguous bytes

                which are written on the output file.  The number

                of characters actually written is returned in r0.

                It should be regarded as an error if this is not

                the same as requested.

                Writes which are multiples of 512 characters long

                and begin on a 512-byte boundary are more effi-

                cient than any others.

SEE ALSO        creat(II), open(II)

DIAGNOSTICS     The error bit (c-bit) is set on an error: bad de-

                scriptor, buffer address, or count; physical I/O


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