20BOOT (VIII)                1/25/73                20BOOT (VIII)

NAME            20boot -- install new 11/20 system

SYNOPSIS        20boot [ x ]

DESCRIPTION     This shell command file copies the current ver-

                sion of the 11/20 program used to run the VT01

                display onto the /dev/vt0 file.

                If no argument is given, the 11/20 program should

                be executing but idle; the 11/20 program is sent

                preceded by a "reboot" command.  If an argument

                is given, the 11/20 should have been restarted at

                its ROM location 777300.

FILES           /dev/vt0;

                /sys/mdec/20.o (11/20 program)

SEE ALSO        vt0 (IV)