DCHECK (VIII)                1/20/73                DCHECK (VIII)

NAME            dcheck -- directory consistency check

SYNOPSIS        dcheck [ -l ] [ device ]

DESCRIPTION     dcheck builds an image of the directory hierarchy

                of the specified device by reading all its direc-

                tories (using physical I/O guided by the i-nodes

                on the device).  A list entry is made for each

                file encountered.  A second pass reads the i-

                nodes and for each file compares the number of

                links specified in its i-node with the number of

                entries actually seen.  All discrepancies are


                If no device is specified, a default device is


                The argument -l causes a complete listing of the

                file names on the device in i-node order.

FILES           /dev/rk?

SEE ALSO        check(VIII)

DIAGNOSTICS     inconsistent i-numbers, unnamed files, unreach-

                able files, loops in directory "hierarchy".

BUGS            Unreachable files and loops are discovered only

                under the "-l" option.