CLRI (VIII)                  1/20/73                  CLRI (VIII)

NAME            clri -- clear i-node

SYNOPSIS        clri i-number [ file system ]

DESCRIPTION     clri writes zeros on the 32 bytes occupied by the

                i-node numbered i-number.  If the file system ar-

                gument is given, the i-node resides on the given

                device, otherwise on a default file system.  The

                file system argument must be a special file name

                referring to a device containing a file system.

                After clri, any blocks in the affected file will

                show up as "missing" in a check of the file sys-


                Read and write permission is required on the

                specified file system device.  The i-node becomes


                The primary purpose of this routine is to remove

                a file which for some reason appears in no direc-


DIAGNOSTICS     "error"