TM (VIII)                    3/15/72                    TM (VIII)

NAME            tm  --  provide time information

SYNOPSIS        tm

DESCRIPTION     tm is used to provide timing information.  Output

                like the following is given:

                        tim 371:51:09     2:00.8

                        ovh  20:00:33       17.0

                        swp  13:43:20        4.6

                        dsk  27:14:35        4.5

                        idl 533:08:03     1:33.3

                        usr  24:53:50        1.2

                        der    0,  54     0,   0

                The first column of numbers gives totals in the

                named categories since the last time the system

                was cold-booted;  the second column gives the

                changes since the last time tm was invoked.  The

                top left number is badly truncated and should be

                ignored.  ovh is time spent executing in the sys-

                tem; swp is time waiting for swap I/O; dsk is

                time spent waiting for file system disk I/O; idl

                is idle time; usr is user execution time; der is

                RF disk error count (left number) and RK disk er-

                ror count (right number).

FILES           /dev/rf0 (for absolute times); /tmp/ttmp for dif-

                ferential timing history.

SEE ALSO        time(I), file system(V)


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