MKNOD(II)                    8/5/73                     MKNOD(II)


     mknod - make a directory or a special file


     (mknod = 14.; not in assembler)

     sys  mknod; name; mode; addr

     mknod(name, mode, addr)

     char *name;


     Mknod creates a new file whose name is  the  null-terminated

     string  pointed  to  by  name.   The  mode  of  the new file

     (including directory and special file bits)  is  initialized

     from  mode.   The  first  physical  address  of  the file is

     initialized  from  addr.   Note  that  in  the  case  of   a

     directory,  addr  should  be zero.  In the case of a special

     file, addr specifies which special file.

     Mknod may be invoked only by the super-user.


     mkdir(I), mknod(I), fs(V)


     Error bit (c-bit) is set if the file already  exists  or  if

     the  user  is  not  the  super-user.   From  C,  a  -1 value

     indicates an error.