RK(IV)                      10/15/73                       RK(IV)


     rk  -  RK-11/RK03 (or RK05) disk


     Rk?   refers  to  an  entire   RK03   disk   as   a   single

     sequentially-addressed   file.    Its  256-word  blocks  are

     numbered 0 to 4871.

     Drive numbers (minor  devices)  of  eight  and  greater  are

     treated specially.  Drive 8+x is the x+1 way interleaving of

     devices rk0 to rkx.  Thus blocks  on  rk10  are  distributed

     alternately among rk0, rk1, and rk2.




     Care should be taken in using the interleaved files.  First,

     the  same  drive should not be accessed simultaneously using

     the ordinary name  and  as  part  of  an  interleaved  file,

     because   the  same  physical  blocks  have  in  effect  two

     different names; this fools the system's buffering strategy.

     Second, the combined files cannot be used for swapping.