MKNOD(VIII)                 10/31/73                  MKNOD(VIII)


     mknod - build special file


     /etc/mknod name [ c ] [ b ] major minor


     Mknod makes a directory entry and corresponding i-node for a

     special  file.  The first argument is the name of the entry.

     The second is b if the special file  is  block-type  (disks,

     tape)  or  c  if  it is character-type (other devices).  The

     last two arguments are numbers specifying the  major  device

     type  and  the  minor  device  (e.g.  unit,  drive,  or line


     The assignment of major device numbers is specific  to  each

     system.   For reference, here are the numbers for the MH 2C-

     644 machine.  Do not believe them too much.

     Block devices:

         0    RF fixed-head disk

         1    RK moving-head disk

         2    TC DECtape

         3    TM magtape

         4    RP moving-head disk

         5    Vermont Research moving-head disk

     Character devices:

         0    KL on-line console

         1    DC communications lines

         2    PC paper tape

         3    DP synchronous interface

         4    DN ACU interface

         5    core memory

         6    VT scope (via 11/20)

         7    DA voice response unit

         8    CT phototypesetter

         9    VS voice synthesizer

         10   TIU Spider interface


     mknod (II)