RELOC(VIII)                  2/7/73                   RELOC(VIII)


     reloc - relocate object files


     reloc file octal [ - ]


     Reloc modifies the named object program file so that it will

     operate  correctly  at  a different core origin than the one

     for which it was assembled or loaded.

     The new core origin is the old origin increased by the given

     octal number (or decreased if the number has a `-' sign).

     If the object file was  generated  by  ld,  the  -r  and  -d

     options  must  have  been  given  to preserve the relocation

     information and define any common symbols in the file.

     If the optional  last  argument  is  given,  then  any  setd

     instruction  at  the start of the file will be replaced by a


     The purpose of this command is to simplify  the  preparation

     of  object  programs  for  systems  which have no relocation

     hardware.  It is hard to imagine a  situation  in  which  it

     would  be  useful  to  attempt directly to execute a program

     treated by reloc.


     as(I), ld(I), a.out(V)