SETFIL(III)                 10/29/73                  SETFIL(III)


     setfil - specify Fortran file name


     call setfil ( unit, hollerith-string )


     Setfil provides a primitive way to associate an integer  I/O

     unit  number with a file named by the hollerith-string.  The

     end of the file name is indicated by  a  blank.   Subsequent

     I/O  on  this  unit  number will refer to file whose name is

     specified by the string.

     Setfil should be called only before any I/O has been done on

     the  unit,  or  just after doing a rewind or endfile.  It is

     ineffective for unit numbers 5 and 6.


     fc (I)


     There is still no way  to  receive  a  file  name  or  other

     argument  from  the  command  line.   Also, the exclusion of

     units 5 and 6 is unwarranted.