11/3/71                                            SYS CHMOD (II)

NAME            chmod  --  change mode of file

SYNOPSIS        sys     chmod; name; mode       / chmod = 15.

DESCRIPTION     The file whose name is given as the null-

                terminated string pointed to by name has its mode

                changed to mode.  Modes are constructed by oring

                together some combination of the following:

                    01 write, non-owner

                    02 read, non-owner

                    04 write, owner

                    10 read, owner

                    20 executable

                    40 set user ID on execution

                Only the owner of a file (or the super-user) may

                change the mode.

FILES           --

SEE ALSO        --

DIAGNOSTICS     Error bit (c-bit) set if name cannot be found or

                if current user is neither the owner of the file

                nor the super-user.

BUGS            --

OWNER           ken, dmr