11/3/71                                             SYS FORK (II)

NAME            fork  --  spawn new process

SYNOPSIS        sys     fork    / fork = 2.

                (new process return)

                (old process return)

DESCRIPTION     fork is the only way new processes are created.

                The new process's core image is a copy of that of

                the caller of fork; the only distinction is the

                return location and the fact that r0 in the old

                process contains the process ID of the new pro-

                cess.  This process ID is used by wait.

FILES           --

SEE ALSO        sys wait, sys exec

DIAGNOSTICS     The error bit (c-bit) is set in the old process

                if a new process could not be created because of

                lack of process space.

BUGS            See wait for a subtle bug in process destruction.

OWNER           ken, dmr