ATOI (III)                   1/15/73                   ATOI (III)

NAME            atoi -- ascii to integer

SYNOPSIS        jsr     r5,atoi; subr

DESCRIPTION     atoi will convert an ascii stream to a binary

                number returned in r1.

                The subroutine subr (supplied by the caller) is

                called on r5 for each character of the ascii

                stream.  subr should return the character in r0.

                The first character not used in the conversion is

                left in r0.

                The numbers recognized are:  an optional minus

                sign followed by a string of digits.

                The subroutine subr must not disturb any regis-


FILES           kept in /lib/liba.a

SEE ALSO        --

DIAGNOSTICS     There are none; the routine charges on regardless

                of consequences; see BUGS.

BUGS            It pays no attention to overflow - you get what-

                ever the machine instructions mul and div happen

                to leave in the low order half - in fact, the

                carry bit should be set and isn't.

                The routine should accept initial "+" and initial