ECVT, FCVT (III)             1/15/73             ECVT, FCVT (III)

NAME            ecvt, fcvt -- output conversion

SYNOPSIS        jsr pc,ecvt


                jsr pc,fcvt

DESCRIPTION     Ecvt is called with a floating point number in


                On exit, the number has been converted into a

                string of ascii digits in a buffer pointed to by

                r0.  The number of digits produced is controlled

                by a global variable "_ndigits".

                Moreover, the position of the decimal point is

                contained in r2: r2=0 means the d.p. is at the

                left hand end of the string of digits; r2>0 means

                the d.p. is within or to the right of the string.

                The sign of the number is indicated by r1 (0 for

                +; 1 for -).

                The low order digit has suffered decimal rounding

                (i. e. may have been carried into).

                Fcvt is identical to ecvt, except that the cor-

                rect digit has had decimal rounding for F-style

                output of the number of digits specified by


FILES           kept in /lib/liba.a

SEE ALSO        ftoa(III)


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