NLIST (III)                  6/12/72                  NLIST (III)

NAME            nlist -- get entries from name list

SYNOPSIS        jsr r5,nlist; file; list


          file: <file name\0>; .even


                <name1xxx>; type1; value1

                <name2xxx>; type2; value2



DESCRIPTION     nlist will examine the name list in the given as-

                sembler output file and selectively extract a

                list of values.  The name list consists of a list

                of 8-character names (null padded) each followed

                by two words.  The list is terminated with a

                zero.  Each name is looked up in the name list of

                the file.  If the name is found, the type and

                value of the name are placed in the two words

                following the name.  If the name is not found,

                the type entry is set to -1.

                This subroutine is useful for examining the sys-

                tem name list kept in the file /sys/sys/unix.  In

                this way programs can obtain system 'magic' num-

                bers that are up to date.

FILES           kept in /lib/liba.a

SEE ALSO        a.out(V)

DIAGNOSTICS     All type entries are set to -1 if the file cannot

                be found or if it is not a valid namelist.

BUGS            --