COMPAR (III)                 1/15/73                 COMPAR (III)

NAME            compar -- default comparison routine for qsort

SYNOPSIS        jsr pc,compar

DESCRIPTION     Compar is the default comparison routine called

                by qsort and is separated out so that the user

                can supply his own comparison.

                The routine is called with the width (in bytes)

                of an element in r3 and it compares byte-by-byte

                the element pointed to by r0 with the element

                pointed to by r4.

                Return is via the condition codes, which are

                tested by the instructions "blt" and "bgt".  That

                is, in the absence of overflow, then the condi-

                tion (r0) < (r4) should leave the Z-bit off and

                N-bit on while (r0) > (r4) should leave Z and N

                off.  Still another way of putting it is that

                for elements of length 1 the instruction

                        cmpb    (r0),(r4)


                Only r0 is changed by the call.

FILES           kept in /lib/liba.a

SEE ALSO        qsort (III)


BUGS            It could be recoded to run faster.