QSORT (III)                  6/12/72                  QSORT (III)

NAME            qsort -- quicker sort

SYNOPSIS        (base of data in r1)

                (end+1 of data in r2)

                (element width in r3)

                jsr pc,qsort

DESCRIPTION     qsort is an implementation of the quicker sort

                algorithm.  It is designed to sort equal length

                elements.  Registers r1 and r2 delimit the region

                of core containing the array of byte strings to

                be sorted: r1 points to the start of the first

                string, r2 to the first location above the last

                string.  Register r3 contains the length of each

                string.  r2-r1 should be a multiple of r3.  On

                return, r0, r1, r2, r3, r4 are destroyed.

                The routine compar (q.v.) is called to compare

                elements and may be replaced by the user.

FILES           kept in /lib/liba.a

SEE ALSO        compar(III)


BUGS            It scribbles on r4.