FTOA (III)                   1/15/73                   FTOA (III)

NAME            ftoa -- floating to ascii conversion

SYNOPSIS        jsr     r5,ftoa; subr

DESCRIPTION     ftoa will convert the floating point number in

                fr0 into ascii in the form


                if possible, otherwise in the form


                For each character generated by ftoa, the subrou-

                tine subr (supplied by the caller) is called on

                register r5 with the character in r0.

                The number of digits can be changed by changing

                the value of "_ndigits" in ecvt (default is 10.).

                The subroutine subr must not disturb any regis-


FILES           kept in /lib/liba.a

SEE ALSO        ecvt(III), itoa(III)


BUGS            --