PR(I)                        3/20/74                        PR(I)


     pr  -  print file


     pr [ -h header ] [ -n ] [ +n ] [ -wn ] [ -ln ] [ -t ] [  -sc

     ] [ -m ] name . . .


     Pr produces a printed listing of one  or  more  files.   The

     output is separated into pages headed by a date, the name of

     the file or a specified header, and  the  page  number.   If

     there  are  no file arguments, pr prints its standard input,

     and is thus usable as a filter.

     Options apply to  all  following  files  but  may  be  reset

     between files:

     -n    produce n-column output

     +n    begin printing with page n

     -h    treat the next argument as a header to be used instead

          of the file name

     -wn   for purposes of multi-column output, take the width of

          the page to be n characters instead of the default 72

     -ln   take the length of the page to be n lines  instead  of

          the default 66

     -t    do not print the 5-line header or the  5-line  trailer

          normally supplied for each page

     -sc   separate columns by the single character c instead  of

          by  the appropriate amount of white space.  A missing c

          is taken to be a tab.

     -m    print all files simultaneously, each in one column

     Interconsole messages via write(I) are  forbidden  during  a



     /dev/tty?  to suspend messages.


     cat (I), cp (I)


     none; files not found are ignored